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Engineering Design Firm

Bertazzo Engineered offers the most comprehensive range of engineering and component manufacturing services and technology available in regional Australia.

This means that regardless of your location, Bertazzo Engineered can meet your needs in a host of areas.

Project Management

For us, the key to effective project management is the ability to understand the bigger picture of each project’s specific requirements.

Mechanical Design

We can help you with your mechanical design or product development.

Site Work

When you want absolute professionalism for your work site, look no further than Bertazzo Engineered.

Architecture Metal Work

When you choose to work with Bertazzo Engineered, your architectural metalwork options are limited only by your imagination.

Laser Cutting

Our advanced laser cutting equipment is technically superior and delivers components with unsurpassed dimensional accuracy and repeatability.

Metal Panel Bending

Utilising the latest technology, the Prima panel bending machine opens up a whole new world into bending automation.

Robotic Welding

When high-volume welding of components or parts is required, Bertazzo Engineered's hi-tech robotic welding equipment can meet your needs.

Sandblasting, Powder Coating

We do three types of sandblasting to Class 3, a higher profile blast required for coatings to specification.

Sheet Metal Component

Bertazzo Engineered delivers precision stainless steel, aluminium and steel components limited only by your imagination.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Bertazzo Engineered is renowned for the quality of its fabrication work and is experienced in a multitude of applications.
Each design and product is made-to-measure

Old fashioned service with innovative technology

We strive to solve every client’s problems with the utmost integrity and honesty.
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